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Disconnected July 30, 2012

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It’s been a couple days! Every day I feel like I need to post something, but haven’t been able to because of one reason or another. Erik has become obsessed, literally, with researching the Sith in Star Wars. Currently he’s on someone called “Ulic Qel-Droma”…yeah, no idea. Since my last post, Jude has gotten really into “Daddy time” and has been staying up until it’s way late. So I’ve really had no time to write anything. I also got my rib piece finished. It hurt like a mother. I would recommend it to anyone who really wants a beautiful showcase. I’ve also taken on the task of making slip covers for our couches to better match our current set. It’s been busy here.

My current do-it-yourself projects include: slip covers for 10 couch pillows, a melted crayon piece, and a few mason jar crafts. I am obsessed with DIY and Pinterest. Understand that my slipcovers are going to take a few days, because I am sewing them all by hand using a borrowed sewing kit. I KNOW. I will add before and after pictures at the end of this post. I have never attempted the melted crayon art that has recently become popular, but I will post my pictures as soon as it’s finished. We also bought a box of like a dozen Mason jars, and I’m trying to find uses for all of them. Pinterest is like a godsend for all of that. There are only a million and a half things that you can do with them. I haven’t quite decided what I want to do with all of them.

Also, I wanted to update the world about Margot’s progress with ABC Mouse. Let me just say, it’s been amazing. She hasn’t been able to understand how to count objects for the longest time, but now she does! Within a few days, she is pointing to toys and counting them in the proper order. I am so proud. We also have started using the “Your Baby Can Read” DVDs and bought some easy sight word flashcards. I may be a little extreme with the early learning, but she’s interested. She likes it. I don’t force her to do anything she doesn’t want to do. But this girl is crazy smart. She can read the “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” books, as well as “Bossy Bear”, and “Everyone Poops”(this girl loves this book).

That’s it for tonight. I am exhausted. Let me just leave you with a few pictures.



Repost: If You Really Knew Me July 28, 2012

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Hey all, it’s been a boring past few days in the Wente house. I found this post on my friend Ashley’s blog, which can be found here, and I decided to repost. I always dig the lists she does. So, here it is.

If you really knew me…

1. You would know that my kids are my entire world. You say anything about my kids, and you will regret it. I would destroy someone for messing with my kids. Their names alone are something I am immensely proud of. We call them “unusual normal” names. They aren’t weird, out there names with stupid spellings(i.e. Libertad, Zephyr, Nevaeh, etc.).

Margot was named exclusively by me. It’s a very uncommon, beautiful name meaning “pearl”. Classy. Lillian was an easy pick for a middle name. Lynn and Leigh are the middle names in our family, and it’s almost a combination of both of them. Plus it flows well. We call her Margot Lilly a lot of the time. It works for a little girl and an adult. I love it.

Jude was a toss up with us. We let Margot pick a first name out of a hat between: Damian, Dominick, Donovan, and David. She picked Damian. Twice. That was the only name Erik had in that whole mix. It was destiny. J middle names are tradition in Erik’s family(John, Joseph, Jamesen, and now Jude). So that part was easy. We were going to go with Judah, but we decided it didn’t flow with his last name. Also, apparently Damian is in some way associated with Batman? I don’t know. Ask Erik.

2. ¬†I have never committed to anyone as long as I have to Erik. I have always been in long term relationships, but this is the first one that I’ve ever been able to tolerate some guy’s crap this long. Trust me, Erik has lots of crap that I put up with. Some days are better than others. Haha! He really is my best friend. He has just as much of my bologna to put up with though. Love his little man heart.

3. You would know that I love, love, love grandparents. Almost always. Grandmas usually take awhile to warm up to me, because I’m not near as charming to them, apparently. But grandpas? I think they are the cutest, most wonderful people to walk this earth. Some people love puppies, I love grandparents. They always have something to say that just completely inspires me. Nothing tops an elderly couple though. Not even a swarm of baby kitties.

4. I am obsessed with shoes and make-up. I subscribe to Kandee Johnson, Michelle Phan, and Makeup Geek on Youtube. I love them. I don’t really have time to do my makeup the way I used to, but I enjoy it nonetheless. If I had all the money in the world, I would have rooms of shoes and top of the line makeup brushes. End of story.

5. I was in school to be a dietitian, but wound up pregnant. Here I am, still not in school or graduated. I will go back when the time is right for my family. When the money is there to put me through school, I will go. I am so ready to finish my degree.

6. Most of my close friends have been guys. Yes, I am “that” girl. Yes, a lot of those friends have come to me later on to tell me that they’ve wanted to date me, which is totally frustrating. If I friendzone you once, it’ll never happen. Sorry if that’s shallow. But anymore, some of my closest friends are other SAHMs or couples. Moms understand each other, and my other guy friends are pretty clueless.

7. I dream of a day where I can just be lazy for a week. A whole week. Doing nothing. Maybe I just need a maid/nanny. Mmm, relaxation.

8. I am usually pretty outgoing, but I keep a lot of my opinions to myself. I hate confrontations. It’s a character flaw, because I have a hard time sticking up for myself. That doesn’t include Erik. He’ll be the first to say I don’t let anything slide.

9. I don’t drink regularly, but when I do, I LOVE me some Goldschlagger(classyyyy!) or Knob Creek. I dig it. But I hardly ever drink anymore. I’m the girl who when I drink, I constantly let people know that I am drunk or buzzed.

10. I consider myself to be very socially awkward, but I don’t know if I actually am. But I am certainly a MASTER of making awkward situations worse. I just don’t know how to weasel myself out of them.

11. I am terrible about backseat driving, especially if I’ve had a couple drinks. I could probably navigate better with a few drinks than I can sober. Erik says I’m an awful navigator. ūüôā

12. I like to think I’m super crafty, and I love taking on DIY projects. If I have time, I’ll post some that I’ve done. Pinterest is a guilty pleasure for inspiring me.

13. Lastly, I LOVE tattoos. I would cover myself in them if it wouldn’t affect my marketability. Speaking of, I finished my rib piece yesterday! It hurt like a mother. But it’s totally beautiful.


I’ll post more in the morning!


Sending Props… July 26, 2012

Today was a slow day. Erik worked this morning, but was off around 4 to spend the day with us. I just wanted to post and send some props to a few people.

First, I want to mention ABC Mouse. It’s “an early education academy” for toddler to kindergarten age kids. I should have taken some screen shots of some of the lessons, but I didn’t. For kids Margot’s age, it’s mostly games, puzzles, and problem solving. It allows them to personalize an avatar, build an aquarium, build a hamster cage, and collect pets and toys for their “room” after completing different tasks and collecting tickets. It’s pretty comprehensive, it covers everything from the alphabet, phonic, counting, and puzzles. It teaches kids about different kinds of animals in different environments. It teaches kids how to properly use a computer mouse! It’s amazing what Margot has already picked up. I would definitely recommend looking into it.

Secondly, I want to give huge props to Tyler Pritchett. Since I haven’t posted about it yet, Erik and I are both in the process of finishing some tattoos. Erik’s chest piece for Margot looks amazing, and I will add pictures here in a minute. My rib piece was completely designed by Tyler, and I intend to finish it tomorrow. It hurts like hell. The final product will be well worth it, though. Anyone who lives in the Tri-Cities of Tennessee and wants a tattoo, Tyler has my complete respect and recommendation. His work is phenomenal. It’s unbelievable. Seriously though, check him out. Not only is he a fabulous tattoo artist, he’s an incredible person. He’s 26, married, and father of two. He and Erik share all of the same interests. It’s obvious why we like him. I’ll let his work speak for itself.

This is my almost finished rib piece for this kids. This reads “Margot Lillian” and “Damian Jude” with their corresponding zodiac sign.

Not a great picture, but this is a reworking by Tyler. Erik had some bad work done that left some scar tissue, but this will end up being beautiful.

Last but not least, I’m going to link my chocolate chip cookie recipe. I ran across this around Christmastime this past year, and have never used another recipe since. I have the utmost respect for the writer of this blog. It’s called Good Food Cheap, and this is such a delicious cookie. So chewy. The website can be found here.¬†Seriously…I make them all the time.


Terrible Twosday July 24, 2012

I’m ready for a break from motherhood today. I adore my children. I wouldn’t trade being a mom for the world. But these past few weeks Erik has been working long days, and on his days off has had appointments. I think of myself as Super Mom, but days like today I just cannot handle it. My list of things that I need to do seems endless. I need to: do laundry and put the clean laundry away, clean the house because it’s a wreck, work with Margot, work out, and possibly go grocery shopping. It doesn’t sound like a heck of a lot, but I am just not motivated to even begin.

Laundry is like my least favorite thing to do. I don’t mind washing and drying, but I hate everything else. I hate folding. I hate putting it away, mostly because I have to put away clothes for four people. It drives me crazy sometimes that Erik doesn’t put his own clothes away. He doesn’t even put his dirty clothes in laundry baskets. It’s a man thing, I know. He works hard, and he deserves to have all of that done for him sometimes. But it’s not likely to happen today.

I hate cleaning. Hate, hate, hate. It’s not because it takes forever, but because my kids have a tendency to undo anything I do to clean up after them. Jude chases my dirt pile when I’m sweeping. Margot pushes her toy box over in order to get one toy out. She pulls all the books out of her book cabinet to climb in and closer herself in there. She throws all the pillows and stuffed animals off of her bed. She tears the paper off of crayons for whatever reason. I’m a little too on-edge today to deal with all of that. Like I said, I need a break.

Working with Margot on her early education things is not too difficult or taxing on me. I love seeing her learn. This will definitely be happening today. ¬†We’ve been using ABC Mouse and a few workbooks that we picked up the other day. She digs it.

Working out is definitely necessary today, whether I want to or not. I really need to get back in the habit of exercising at least 4 days a week. If I want a hot mom body, I’m going to have to work for it. I started using a “kit” by Jillian Michaels that I got on clearance at Wal-Mart. It sounds redneck, I know. I’ll do a review of it in a few days after I’ve had a chance to really utilize the whole kit. She kicked my ass yesterday. I’m sore…really, really sore. I know that’s a good thing. It’ll feel good once I get started.

Finally, grocery shopping is a chore no one should have to take on with two little ones. If I could trust Margot to use public restrooms or not run off, it wouldn’t be that hard of a task. But the fact of the matter is that I can’t trust her. She’s two. I can tell her something, but it goes in one ear and promptly exits the other. There’s nothing that really is an emergency, so if I can I’ll probably wait until tomorrow.

If I get a nap today, I’ll be thankful. But the chances of that are slim. I just need an extra set of hands to help me. Since the kids have woken up from nap, they’ve been easier. Jude is still kind of fussy, but Margot has been cooperative. Some days she just doesn’t understand that babies and toddlers need naps.

Mr. Cuteness

Miss Beautiful!



My Latest Obsessions July 22, 2012

sI figured that since my last post was a little rough around the edges, I should lighten the mood. This is just a fun post about my recent “addictions”. This will be a list of products, shows, and pages I love, love, love. Enjoy!

1. Ebay – Erik and I both love Ebay because we can find everything for dirt cheap. We love getting new cases for our iPhones. These are a few of them…

I had this case for about ten days before I needed a replacement. It’s beautiful but very fragile.

I am currently anticipating the arrival of this case. I seriously hope it’s as amazing as it looks.

2. Pinterest – Just like the majority of ladies I know, I could spend HOURS on Pinterest. I love finding DIY projects that are simple and kid friendly. I’m also completely in love with wedding ideas; I have always loved all things wedding oriented. I pin mostly crafts, delicious looking treats, and wedding dresses or venues. I’m a girly girl. Haha.

3. The Walking Dead – Let me just say that I hate zombie shows, video games, the thought, or anything to do with zombies. They’re gross and horrifying. But let me just say that Erik has really gotten me into this show. We just finished up the season finale on DVR, and I love the story line. I have genuine opinions about characters and the plot. I don’t really like gory shows, but the CG isn’t great in this show. Therefore it’s tolerable. For any of you who watch the show, Daryl and Herschel are my favorite characters. I loathe Lori, Carl, and Andrea. I’ll have to post about my thoughts later. I could go on for awhile.

Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead

This is Herschel Greene. Anyone who knows me should know that I almost always love grandpas. Isn’t he adorable?

4. Scentsy – I found out about Scentsy after deciding that tart warmers were far more efficient than candles. They’re low temperature melting wax makes it safe for my kids if they find a way to climb the counters and stick their finger in it. They are a company of independent sales consultants, and my neighbor happens to be one! Their products are a little bit more expensive than warmers or tarts you would buy in a department store. Personally, I have only bought the bars while using Wal-Mart brand warmers. Their scents are amazing and much more fragrant than any candle or Wal-Mart brand tart that I’ve purchased. This is a link to my consultants page in case you’re interested:¬†https://smellygoodthings.scentsy.us/Scentsy/Home

This is one of my favorite scents, Kahiko Hula. It is very fruity and tart. It makes our house smell amazing!

This is the Scentsy brand warmer called Margot and is totally gorgeous. Of course I want it!

5. Thirty-One – I found out about this through Suzanne, my mother-in-law. For Margot’s second birthday she gave me this ADORABLE personalized Thirty-One tote that I now use as a diaper bag. Since then, I have added their large utility tote to our collection. I have used it for laundry, crafts, and will soon be used for my “early education” endeavors. Suzanne is apparently going to surprise me with another piece that should match what we already have.

This is my personalized Thirty-One tote. Yes, those are my cartoon babies! It reads “Wente Kids”. Adorable!

This isn’t the best picture of the utility tote, but this is the pattern “Lotsa Dots”. It’s the same pattern as on Margot’s dress on the canvas tote I have.

This is a close up of the embroidered “Wente” on the utility tote. It’s actually much easier to read than these pictures show.

6. Books – This is going to be my last “obsession” for the day. These are just a few of my favorite books to read to the kids that we all love. Margot and Jude both love reading stories. I love reading to them. We read anywhere from three to five books every night right before bedtime, and it really helps mellow them out.

This book is more for me to remind the kids that I will always love and support them.

Again, this book is mostly for me to remind them that I cherish their childhood, but I don’t want to stifle their growth by dwelling on memories.

Margot LOVES this book. I always have her point out different things and explain what’s going on in each picture. It’s amazing what she can understand. Also, every Mercer Mayer book has like a mouse and/or a spider hidden on each page.

This is the first book I ever read to Margot. She was a newborn, and she loved every story except the last one, “What was I Scared of?” Now that’s probably her favorite. This book has “The Sneetches”, “The Zax”, “Too Many Daves”, and “What was I Scared of?” Almost anything Dr. Seuss is a hit with her.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Feel free to let me know what you think. I could certainly use some feedback to help gear my future posts!


Why Aren’t We Married? (Part 2)

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-I had already finished this original post and Voila! my two year old erased it. Mom life!-

As far as Erik’s family history for marriage, his parents were married for a couple years, I believe, before separating. His father remarried and had two more children. They are still together and a very successful couple. Erik’s relationship with his father remains a little rocky, but they are much better off living apart. His mother, however, remarried and divorced which produced his younger brother. I believe she was engaged once more, but that relationship ended in her relocating to Tennessee. She has dated several other men since moving here, but her current beau is a fantastic man. Erik, the kids, and I all adore him. Our relationship with his mother is a little forced, but she is a wonderful “Yaya”. Clearly, the whole idea of marriage has been skewed for Erik, and I can’t blame him for that.

In many ways, Erik and I are already married. We have lived together for over a year and a half, and we have two wonderful children. We operate as one unit; we are a package deal. When it comes to decision making, there is no “what he wants” or “what I want”. There is always compromise. But in reality? We just are not ready to jump into a legally binding “contract” with one another. Yes, we adore each other. Yes, getting married is important to us. We both believe in the permanence of marriage; we want it to work. Postponing an engagement doesn’t mean that we aren’t committed to one another; we have been for three years. This is the right decision for us right now.

I know that I am also a huge contributor for Erik’s wanting to hold off on getting married. I constantly remind him of the engagement ring I want, and he understands that I have high expectations. I don’t expect to see a ring like this any time soon. He wants to get me the ring I’ve always dreamed of having, but that’s all it is. It’s a dream; it’s unfair and unrealistic of me to want a Tacori or a Tiffany or anything pricey for that matter. When he is ready, he will pick the most beautiful ring I’ll have ever seen. Whatever¬†he chooses is my real dream.

What other reasons do we have for not getting married? We want the kids to be a huge part of the ceremony, and we want it to mean something to them when it happens. We want them to at least comprehend a little bit of why it is so important. Weddings are¬†expensive. So are babies. Our kids are our top priority, and they always will be. Planning a wedding will always take a backseat to our children’s needs and wants. We both want an amazing and classy ceremony, and that will take time and money to orchestrate. Waiting gives us time to plan exactly what we want. And lastly, we’re still¬†young. We are only 23, and we have more than most 23 year olds could imagine. We have everything from: a beautiful home, happy, healthy, adorable kids, and financial stability.

I’m sure I catch a lot of slack from the religious people in our lives because we live together and have kids. Let me just say, keep your opinions to yourself. We pay our bills; we raise our children lovingly; we support one another. If you believe God doesn’t approve of my lifestyle, that’s on you. I can’t say I’m perfect or even close to it, but I am proud of what we have. When the timing is right for us, we’ll get married. That time is just not right now.

This is an old picture that was taken during a photo session for Margot.


Why Aren’t We Married? July 21, 2012

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Let me give you our back story before I even get into the whole explanation as to why we are choosing to wait for marriage.

Erik and I met in 2009 while working at Bd’s Mongolian Grill(horrible, horrible work experience). I was just a few weeks pregnant with Margot. No, Erik is not Margot’s biological father. But that is a long story with some very strong opinions and words not meant for the eyes of someone who may still see her biological father in any sort of decent light. If they knew the real story, they wouldn’t still feel that way. ANYWAYS, Erik had just broke up with another girl at the time, and Sperm Donor as I’ll refer to him had just left me. Erik and I started hanging out fairly regularly with a group of work friends, and our relationship came about unexpectedly. Neither of us were really looking for companionship, much less a relationship. But it happened. He was a completely different person then, and so was I.

We had only been together for six months when Margot was born, and that day Erik began his transformation into the most wonderful father. Understand that neither of us were “perfect” parents. We were(and still are) young, and we didn’t handle many situations maturely. There were many times where we argued with our parents about our relationship. My mother loathed Erik; my oldest brother passed judgement on him pretty early on based on how he knew him when he was 16 and just happened to work with him. My mother believed every word that was said about Erik. On the other hand, Erik’s family adored me. I was quickly accepted into the family, and Margot was as well. It was a fight to keep our family together when there was so much tension and bad blood on my side. Clearly, we prevailed.

To save myself the reminder of the darkest time in our relationship, I will skip to now. We now live eight hours away in Tennessee. Erik’s mother, grandparents, and younger brother live here as well. We were misinformed about the area before we moved, but it was the only real chance we had at leading any sort of decent life for Margot. We are able to afford a beautiful townhome, support our kids, and maintain a distanced relationship with our families. The vast majority of the relationships with our family are intact, but many remain on the rocks. We try not to dwell on our past, because we are truly happy this way. It is what’s best for our family.

Anyways, September marks Erik and I’s three year anniversary of dating. Everyone asks why we aren’t married, or at least engaged especially when we have two kids. Here it is: we are¬†not ready for it. Why? Because we want our kids to be a part of it, and understand how much more we care about them than a piece of paper making our relationship legal.

Erik and I both come from what most people would call “broken” families. My mother was married and divorced once, and she never dated anyone else after the four of us were born. We were her focus, her drive, her everything. I never really understood why she had to work as hard as she did until I had my own kids. But I respect her immensely for never losing sight of what was really important. I didn’t meet my father until I was almost 18, and we still have to work on our relationship. There are many times where I feel like I have to parent him. I know it hurts him that I don’t talk to him regularly, but he chose to not be a part of my life until I forced him to be.

-To Be Continued, children are messing with my computer.-