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Repost: If You Really Knew Me July 28, 2012

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Hey all, it’s been a boring past few days in the Wente house. I found this post on my friend Ashley’s blog, which can be found here, and I decided to repost. I always dig the lists she does. So, here it is.

If you really knew me…

1. You would know that my kids are my entire world. You say anything about my kids, and you will regret it. I would destroy someone for messing with my kids. Their names alone are something I am immensely proud of. We call them “unusual normal” names. They aren’t weird, out there names with stupid spellings(i.e. Libertad, Zephyr, Nevaeh, etc.).

Margot was named exclusively by me. It’s a very uncommon, beautiful name meaning “pearl”. Classy. Lillian was an easy pick for a middle name. Lynn and Leigh are the middle names in our family, and it’s almost a combination of both of them. Plus it flows well. We call her Margot Lilly a lot of the time. It works for a little girl and an adult. I love it.

Jude was a toss up with us. We let Margot pick a first name out of a hat between: Damian, Dominick, Donovan, and David. She picked Damian. Twice. That was the only name Erik had in that whole mix. It was destiny. J middle names are tradition in Erik’s family(John, Joseph, Jamesen, and now Jude). So that part was easy. We were going to go with Judah, but we decided it didn’t flow with his last name. Also, apparently Damian is in some way associated with Batman? I don’t know. Ask Erik.

2.  I have never committed to anyone as long as I have to Erik. I have always been in long term relationships, but this is the first one that I’ve ever been able to tolerate some guy’s crap this long. Trust me, Erik has lots of crap that I put up with. Some days are better than others. Haha! He really is my best friend. He has just as much of my bologna to put up with though. Love his little man heart.

3. You would know that I love, love, love grandparents. Almost always. Grandmas usually take awhile to warm up to me, because I’m not near as charming to them, apparently. But grandpas? I think they are the cutest, most wonderful people to walk this earth. Some people love puppies, I love grandparents. They always have something to say that just completely inspires me. Nothing tops an elderly couple though. Not even a swarm of baby kitties.

4. I am obsessed with shoes and make-up. I subscribe to Kandee Johnson, Michelle Phan, and Makeup Geek on Youtube. I love them. I don’t really have time to do my makeup the way I used to, but I enjoy it nonetheless. If I had all the money in the world, I would have rooms of shoes and top of the line makeup brushes. End of story.

5. I was in school to be a dietitian, but wound up pregnant. Here I am, still not in school or graduated. I will go back when the time is right for my family. When the money is there to put me through school, I will go. I am so ready to finish my degree.

6. Most of my close friends have been guys. Yes, I am “that” girl. Yes, a lot of those friends have come to me later on to tell me that they’ve wanted to date me, which is totally frustrating. If I friendzone you once, it’ll never happen. Sorry if that’s shallow. But anymore, some of my closest friends are other SAHMs or couples. Moms understand each other, and my other guy friends are pretty clueless.

7. I dream of a day where I can just be lazy for a week. A whole week. Doing nothing. Maybe I just need a maid/nanny. Mmm, relaxation.

8. I am usually pretty outgoing, but I keep a lot of my opinions to myself. I hate confrontations. It’s a character flaw, because I have a hard time sticking up for myself. That doesn’t include Erik. He’ll be the first to say I don’t let anything slide.

9. I don’t drink regularly, but when I do, I LOVE me some Goldschlagger(classyyyy!) or Knob Creek. I dig it. But I hardly ever drink anymore. I’m the girl who when I drink, I constantly let people know that I am drunk or buzzed.

10. I consider myself to be very socially awkward, but I don’t know if I actually am. But I am certainly a MASTER of making awkward situations worse. I just don’t know how to weasel myself out of them.

11. I am terrible about backseat driving, especially if I’ve had a couple drinks. I could probably navigate better with a few drinks than I can sober. Erik says I’m an awful navigator. 🙂

12. I like to think I’m super crafty, and I love taking on DIY projects. If I have time, I’ll post some that I’ve done. Pinterest is a guilty pleasure for inspiring me.

13. Lastly, I LOVE tattoos. I would cover myself in them if it wouldn’t affect my marketability. Speaking of, I finished my rib piece yesterday! It hurt like a mother. But it’s totally beautiful.


I’ll post more in the morning!


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