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Shenanigan Free Friday July 21, 2012

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Before I begin my dialogue about how today went, let me just say that most of yesterday was horrendous. Erik had a day off and an appointment at 1PM that took twice as long as I expected it to. That, coupled with the fact that his phone died, Margot hit Jude in the face with a DOOR, I hadn’t had a shower or peed by myself once since waking up, etc. I was infuriated. Moving on.

Today, I was permitted to sleep in an extra 30 minutes(hooray!). Then Erik and my darling angels came bounding into the room in order to wake me up. Pleasantly. Mama’s boy, aka Jude, speed army crawls up the sheets to smack me straight in the eye. Oh, good morning to you too! We end up having to go to the mall to apparently buy a superhero shirt for Erik, because today is “Superhero Day” at work. Not joking. Let me just say that the last time we went to the mall, Margot refused to go to the bathroom there until she wet herself. Frustrating! I packed like three extra sets of outfits just in case. We have to ride the elevator at least four times while we’re there. She’s two. It’s fascinating. We have to go to Wal-Mart, and Jude apparently is exhausted at this point and sleeps in my arms the entire time we’re grocery shopping. This is no easy feat — he weighs over 20 pounds, he gets heavy, especially when limp. So we finish up, and go home. Easy enough.

We get home; unload groceries; feed children strawberries. They’re happy, happy, happy, until Erik has to get ready for work. This is, literally, an every day thing. He is their life-size toy. It’s hard for them to see him leave for work. So we go upstairs, Jude is happily teething his strawberries. Margot, on the other hand, wants some of my Kiwi Lemonade or whatever it is. “Stop it!” She tells me, ripping the glass bottle from my hands as the lid flies off and lands God-knows-where. The drink spills all over our carpet, her bedroom door, Jude, me…ugh. Did I mention she also tried to EAT OUR TOOTHPASTE?! She tasted it, and her face said it all. She was horrified. Either way, eating toothpaste is not going to fly in this house. Erik leaves for work, the kids are sad, I turn on Wiggles/Barney/Sesame Street and they’re fine.

I run and grab my laptop, because the kids are playing together. Nicely. The minute the angels hear my laptop turn on, “Mommy, what are you doing over there?” Without a minute to lose, Jude is crying to be held and Margot is on my lap ready to play on the computer. My laptop has to be plugged in the entire time it’s on, because my battery does not hold a charge, and my cord comes out very easily. I have two children sitting on me…well not really sitting, but squirming, talking, pushing buttons, trying to nurse whilst smacking my face and pulling my hair…yeah, who could ask for more? I hold off on setting up my blog, because it is clearly not the right time.

Dinnertime is almost always a fight with Margot. I know I shouldn’t worry about how much she eats, because no two year old will deliberately starve themselves. I’ve been trying to get her to “help” me make dinner so she will be more willing to eat it, but today she was all about the strawberries, hot dog, and string cheese, anything else would’ve been a waste of everyone’s time. We JUST bought these strawberries today, and there are only like four left. During dinner she is supposed to sit in her “special” chair, which is a foldable Disney princesses chair that was an Easter present, but she keeps glancing at my laptop out of the corner of her eye. SO TEMPTING. She eats dinner in record time and comes to bounce on the couch to sit and type on my computer. I try to feed Jude his dinner while simultaneously watching to make sure Margot doesn’t begin switching the commands on my laptop.

Bath time for my kids is the ultimate reward, apparently. I usually give Jude a bath every other night, because I feel like his skin dries out really easily where Margot’s doesn’t. So, it’s Jude’s night to not have a bath. HA! Who was I to believe he knew that? He DOVE into the bathtub, fully clothed with a fresh diaper. This kid is fearless. I promptly fished him out and changed him into pajamas. He was pissed. Margot takes a bath, and gets out without a fight. Where is Margot, and who is this child trying to be her?

Bedtime: no fights. I know. I was shocked too. My mistake? Writing it on my first blog. I knew I had jinxed myself by saying something. Jude woke up, literally, a few seconds after I hit “Publish”. He just now fell asleep.

But hey, here I am, anxiously awaiting the arrival of my dear, sweet husband. Typing away BY MYSELF in silence. This is nice. Today was an almost shenanigan free day. That means tomorrow? I’m due.


Hello, Cyberspace!

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This is my first post as you can see!

I just want to say hello, and explain what this blog will be about(or at least what I hope it will be about). As a stay-at-home mom, I constantly crave time to myself and very rarely get it. Call it selfish if you want, but every SAHM will agree with me here. I plan write mostly about my days with the kids, as they are always eventful.

Anyways, I know you can read my “About Me” section to learn more about us, but I’ll go ahead an properly introduce my crew. I am Brittany, a 23 year old SAHM of two beautiful babies. Erik is my fantastic, loving, “might-as-well-be” husband(we are not married — don’t criticize). Margot is our stunningly gorgeous two year old daughter; she is quite a handful! Jude is our sweet and handsome eight month old son. We are extraordinarily happy. The kids bring so much light and joy to our lives, and we could not be more blessed to have them with us. We are young parents, but we are the exception to being “babies having babies”. We are great parents.

-Excuse me, it’s dinner time.-

Ahh, this never happens. It’s 9:30pm, and both babies are asleep without a fight! It’s my lucky day! I actually have time to write and sit here doing nothing!!

Let me explain to anyone who is not a parent: doing nothing or listening to silence or being alone for ten minutes is the equivalent to pure bliss in many parents lives. Some women wish for diamonds; I wish for a period of time where I have nothing to do but enjoy the sound of silence. It’s beautiful, really.

Well, I believe this concludes my first post. I am going to begin my first “official” day in the life blog!