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Short Post, So Busy August 2, 2012

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The past week has been insanely busy with me overdoing it with my DIY projects. Erik’s schedule is finally getting back on track, and we’ve spent time as a family. It has been fabulous. I wanted to elaborate on some of my endeavors, and share some pictures.

First of all, I decided that our living room would look much better if it all just tied in together. We have a beautiful worn leather, dual reclining “Command Center”, a love seat, and a chair and a half. The latter two pieces were given to us by his grandma and have this tacky pink, purple, and teal Aztec pattern on the pillows of them. They are extremely comfortable but not the most stylish pieces. I decided the other day that I would take on the task of making slip covers that would work with the warm colors in our living room. I chose some cream with dark pink and gray-brown filigree/paisley type pattern for accent pillows and a gray-brown fabric for the back pillows. I have definitely bitten off more than I can chew right now. I currently have all of the slip covers for the patterned pillows finished, but it’s going to take me at least a day for each of the solid colored pillows. Did I mention I’m sewing them by hand? It’s therapeutic for me, I suppose. My commercial grade Singer is still in Indiana, too bad, right? I told Erik I could’ve been finished days ago if I had my machine.

This is my first of four of these patterned pillows. I’ll post more pictures when I finish all of them.

The next project I took on is one I found on Pinterest. I know, I know, Pinterest. I find wayyy too many projects I want to take on, and often times, never do. I’ve committed to some of them though. I made Margot a “calm jar” which have become really popular in the past weeks. I was pretty shocked to see that this actually works for my girl. We shake it up when she starts throwing a tantrum, sit there and watch all of the glitter settle. She stops immediately and is completely intrigued by it. It’s amazing. We did not use food color or glitter glue. We used water, corn syrup, glitter, and dish soap. I tweaked a formula that I found on this blog.

Lastly, my finished project of the day: melted crayon art! I have been wanting to do this for AGES. Now that it’s back-to-school season, crayons are crazy cheap. I stocked up and made this! My dear mommy friend, Ashley, informed me that using a hair dryer to make these can ruin your hair dryer. So, if you are trying to take this on, use a heat gun. Nobody wants their hair dryer to burst into flames. Anyways, here are my lovely pictures of my cool project! I think we plan on hanging this in the kids’ room because it’s just too cool.

I set it up outside to spare our beautiful wood floors.

Just beginning to melt…

I let it go a little longer than this, but it looks so cool! I just love this idea! Try it.




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