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Parenting Fail August 4, 2012

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Let me just say that I have been try to figure out this “Grab My Button” thing for almost TWO hours. TWO hours, people. I’m going to send props to My Pregnancy Baby for a very clear tutorial, but I’m just not the most tech savvy blogger out there, and I couldn’t get it to work for me. I’m sure had I really looked at the coding I could’ve figured out what I was doing wrong. I ended up just going to a “Grab My Button” code generator that totally ended up working. You can find it here.

Anyways, now that I’ve sent my respect to my lovely code helpers, on to my LOVELY day. Today was probably the biggest FAIL in both Erik and I’s parenting careers. Thank GOD he was home when this happened. I’ve already told him one or all of us involved probably would not have survived me losing it. So what happened exactly? We decided since Erik didn’t work till later, we would grab some new books from the library. Easy enough.

-Commence all four of us upstairs in the process of getting ready.-

Margot: I clip my nails. (meaning she wants to paint her nails)

-She promptly exits the bathroom. I begin brushing my teeth. Silence ensues.-

Me: Erik, what are they doing? Kids?

-I run into the kids room. They are both in the tent we have set up. Margot has dumped a whole bottle of clear nail polish and is painting her toenails. Jude is CRAWLING IN IT.-


-Thus begins the half an hour long process of removing the nail polish from my sweet little boy’s body, and trying to salvage the tent.-

Again, thank God Erik was home for this. I probably would’ve died knowing this happened on my watch alone.

Other than that our day went very smoothly. We picked out tons of new books for my girl. I found a copy of “The Well Trained Mind” in order to help me better understand how to begin early education for my kids. We took babies to the park to release some energy, and they both thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

We all survived the nail polish incident. No tears were shed, nobody lost their cool. It was a moment that, hopefully, will never happen again.

I actually cleaned our dining room table(which is really just a little breakfast nook type table and chairs), and made dinner, and we ATE AT THE TABLE. That never happens. The kids were GREAT. They both ate without a problem. Say WHAT?

Then, we did bath time, as usual. I knew I would have to scrub both kids because I didn’t want them to smell like nail polish. Both of them listened, let me scrub them both, played together in the bath, shared bath toys, and got out without argument. They went to bed without a fight. Who are these people who have replaced my children? I can go downstairs…alone?!

Now, after two hours of trying to figure out how to make this button thing, I’m tired of writing. I want to go to bed, snuggle my lovey husband man, and sleep. Deeply.

Have a wonderful evening, people. I appreciate every one of you who actually reads my posts.

Our little tiny table. Shut up. I’m proud of it being clean. It’s usually my “laundry table”.


One Response to “Parenting Fail”

  1. johnc1975 Says:

    I don’t think that counts add a fail! I’m more than confident, this was merely a speed bump, in this thing called life! ;-]

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