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Social Sunday Link Up! August 5, 2012

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Sunday SocialIt’s official! This is my second link up!

1. What is your favorite fall activity?

Back in Indiana, I used to LOVE going to the pumpkin patch, hay rides, drinking my weight in apple cider, and snuggling in blankets. This will be our second fall in Tennessee, but the weather is either scorching hot or cold. So, we’ll have to find new things to do. We’ll probably watch a lot of classic kid movies and bake a lot of cookies

2. Do you follow a football team? Which one and why?

Since I became a SAHM I haven’t really had much time for football. Our television is almost always on Sprout. However, as Indy faithfuls, our family bleeds blue. We are Colts fans. Even with the changes in line-up they will always have a special place in our hearts. I also love the Buccaneers for no other reason than they have the COOLEST stadium. Hello? Pirate ship stadium? You can’t beat that.

3. What is something fun about fall in your area?

I, honestly, don’t know of anything that happens down here in the fall. Oh wait! The Bristol race is in August! We’ve never been, but Erik doesn’t really dig racing.

4. What are your favorite fall outfit staples?

I start getting cold when it’s 65 outside, so I’m almost always in jeans. I couldn’t live without my jeggings, knee high boots, and cardigans. I love boots, and my current favorites are wedge heel riding boots. Love!

5. What things are you looking forward to most about this coming fall season?

We are going to Indiana in a little less than two weeks! September 9th is Erik and I’s third anniversary! We leave for our cruise to Mexico October 15th! Halloween is always a big hit in our house! Jude’s first birthday is November 11! Thanksgiving is always a delicious treat to me! My mom is getting MARRIED in November! It’s a big year.

6. What is your favorite fall holiday? Traditions?

I love both Halloween and Thanksgiving. Taking Margot trick-or-treating last year was so much fun! She really got into the spirit when she realized we were getting candy by dressing up as a kitty. Thanksgiving is DELICIOUS. How could you not like it? Turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, it’s all good to me. Since we moved to Tennessee, my traditions have had to change. Last year we got together with Erik’s mom and family. We were able to celebrate with little Jude!

This was Margot’s Halloween costume last year! She still enjoys wearing it even though it’s too small. How cute!

This was our Thanksgiving get together. We got stuck at the kid’s table. Haha!

Jude snoozed away during dinner.

Hope you enjoyed my answers! Have a great Sunday!



2 Responses to “Social Sunday Link Up!”

  1. juliafincher Says:

    Sweet babies! I found you at the sunday link up!

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