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The Stories of Margot and Jude August 5, 2012

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My dear friends, since I have never actually written a “birth story” for either of my darling angels, I say it’s time. Besides, I need a way to vent my ridiculous mom emotions. I know not all moms get their fair share of the wide spectrum of what I call “mom emotions”, but I got a whopping portion. I, no joke, bawled over a Rice Krispies commercial when Margot was a few months old. It’s pathetic, I know.

I will try not to bore you with any extra details, nor go too far with the personal nature of my kids’ arrival on this planet. If any of you actually WANT the in depth stories…I guess feel free to message me. Haha. There is nothing TOO personal for me, I suppose.

Let me begin with my darling angel, Margot. I found out I was pregnant sometime in late July with my, then, marine boyfriend’s baby. We had only been dating since April, and although I wasn’t surprised in the least, he certainly was. This boy(yes, BOY) came from a very conservative family and was adopted as a baby. Their opinion about my pregnancy was taken as heartbreaking news. I was nervous, but not ashamed, to tell my family the news. I remember that I told my brothers first, and then my mother. Her response was “well, it could be worse.” My mother and I had our first babies at the exact same age down to the day. Insanity, right? Either way, to be concise, his family expected us to get married before baby’s arrival. I explained that I didn’t feel that it was right to marry someone solely because I was their baby. For this reason, he ended the relationship. End of sob story.

I had a fantastic pregnancy with Margot overall. I chose her name completely on my own, Margot Lillian. To me, it is the most beautiful sounding name in the world. I’m sure she will disagree later on. The only memories that really stand out in my pregnancy were happy ones. I was ALWAYS happy. Erik will sometimes say that he misses “that” Brittany, but I was excessively nice. Sometimes I wish I had the patience I had back then.

Anyways,  my OB/GYN Dr. Louis Starr was wonderful and supportive. He actually was the one who did all of my ultrasounds rather than a tech. Erik and I made a $50 bet about whether baby was a girl or a boy. I owe him $50 still. I think I had talked myself into her being a boy so much that I jinxed myself. Either way, I am THRILLED I had my little princess first. My due date for her was March 6, 2010, but I had it arranged that if she wasn’t born by the 1st(1st babies are common in my very large family) that I would like to have her on the 2nd. Why? Because her birthdate would be 3-2-1-0. Silly, I know.

The night before I was induced, I remember Erik and I went to see Shutter Island, and I barely made it through the movie my contractions were AWFUL.

We woke up at the crack of dawn to go to the hospital to have Miss Margot. My nurse was young, wonderful, and understanding. My immediate family(older brothers, niece, father, step-mother, and younger siblings) all came to the hospital to wait. They were my team. They were incredibly supportive for my entire pregnancy, and I couldn’t imagine not having them there to share in her first moments. *His* mother also came to take pictures of her birth.

Shortly after arriving at the hospital, my sweet nurse started my pitocin without a struggle. She said I had “beautiful veins”. The pitocin only made me more aware of my contractions; I had been having them for several weeks before. This was nothing new. I also accepted Nubain to help manage my pain after having a contraction that I had trouble getting through. I wouldn’t say that I regret it, but it certainly didn’t help with pain. It made me loopy, tired, and totally weird. I have pictures of this on Facebook, but for the sake of my pride, will not post them on my blog. I progressed quickly, my body is clearly made for childbirth. I asked for my epidural around 6cm, not because I needed it, but I knew that I didn’t want to ask for it too late. I’m not sure if the dosing is different for different women, but I’m pretty petite and that thing numbed me to the point I couldn’t even lift my legs. It was actually quite entertaining.

Around 1:15, Dr. Starr came back in to check me, and had everyone but Mom, Erik and *her* leave the room(As a side note, I didn’t want *her* in there, but I was too drugged to really even notice who was in the room). It was time to push. Pushing was nothing. Within maybe 6 or 7 sets of pushing she was here. My perfect angel had arrived. My mother cut her umbilical cord, I know it means the world to her. Everyone cried. She was absolutely the most beautiful creation I had ever seen. She still is.

I remember holding her for the first time before she had been cleaned. To anyone else, I’m sure it would be awful. But she was mine. She was perfect as she was, gooey and all. I had made such an amazing person from practically nothing! Every mother knows this feeling, and it is indescribable. I was told all of this when I was growing up, but you really can’t understand it until you’ve experience childbirth. I loved every little thing about her: her blue eyes, her tiny fingers, her tiny toes, her blonde peach fuzz, her toothless smile, her cry, her petite little body. She was my miracle. She is a piece of my heart, and from the moment she was born I felt more complete.

Margot Lillian:

Born: March 2, 2010 at 1:52PM

Weight: 6 lbs. 5.4 oz.

Height: 20 inches

This was her first ever picture. It still amazes me how incredible this shot is.

You’ll see later, but she and Jude could be twins.

One of my all time favorite pictures of us.

She has always been beautiful, even when she only had peach fuzz.

This is our four generations of King women. My grandmother, mother, myself, and little Margot.


My pregnancy was Jude was completely different. He could almost be considered a Valentine’s Day baby, but it was the day after when he was conceived. I know, TMI. We found out we were pregnant right before my 23rd birthday, and we both weren’t really surprised. We had a very long discussion about how we would afford a second baby, as our financial situation was not the best. We struggled. We had just made an 8 hour move down to Tennessee. We were not on speaking terms with his mother just yet.

I know that Erik will completely agree when I say that I complained about being in pain almost all the time while I was pregnant with Jude. I had no morning sickness, no insomnia, no swelling, nothing. My only discomfort was that my back was in constant screaming agony. However, my OB/GYN, Dr. Peter Earl was a godsend. I had decided that it was fate that we have Jude in Tennessee, because my maternal grandfather’s middle name was Earl. It was a big deal to me. Dr. Earl is the sweetest, most wonderful physician a woman could ask for. I have been blessed to have such a great man looking after my pregnancy. He even offered to refer me to a physical therapist to help relieve my back pain. My due date was November 15, 2011.

The back story to Jude’s name is simple. Erik has been dead set on “Damian” for his son’s name since I’ve known him. I don’t like it. I liked Dominick(top choice!), Donovan, and David(after my grandfather and brother). After months of not being able to agree, I decided that we would put all four of those names in a hat and let Margot choose. Understand that the only name in this whole lot that Erik liked was Damian. Margot chose it, twice. From then on it was decided. Damian Jude is my sweet boy’s name. J middle names for the first born son have become tradition for Erik’s family(John, Joseph, Jamesen, and Jude), so it was pretty easy to settle on a name there. Obviously, we don’t call him Damian, because we both adore his middle name.

Toward the end of my pregnancy, I asked Dr. Earl if he would consider inducing me on the 11th if he wasn’t born sooner. This way, he could have a birth date that only comes around every century(but in reality every millennium). He agreed.

Erik’s mother kept Margot for two nights when we went in to have her little brother. She has never spent a night away from us. It was scary for everyone.

We were due to check into the hospital, which is literally across the street, at 6AM…maybe 5, I’m not entirely sure. Erik and I were running on very little sleep, because we were anxious about this new addition to our family. The nighttime nurse was, coincidentally, the same woman who gave us the tour of the L&D. We toured the exact same room we were “booked” into. The nurses tried desperately to begin my IV of pitocin, and failed approximately 7 times. My hands and arms looked like I was a drug addict. I remember looking at Erik with tears in my eyes, body shaking because I was so ready to tell them to stop and just go home. I was ready to give up on these people sticking me with needles. This was nothing like what I experienced with Margot. However, my morning nurse was uplifting. She was humorous. She got me extra blankets because Erik and I were both freezing, and tired.

I met my labor and delivery crew, and got my epidural around 11AM. I was pretty vulnerable to suggestion after being stuck so many times, and these people told me I didn’t have to “be brave”. There was a man named Dr. Travis who was a wonderful assistant to Dr. Earl, and he talked me through my epidural process with the anesthesiologist. Erik held my clammy hands, because I was so skeptical of anyone sticking me. I was able to push a button to numb myself more. Unfortunately, after about twenty minutes I noticed only my left side was numbing. The anesthesiologist was sent back in, and he promptly fixed the problem.

Erik’s maternal grandparents came and visited for about thirty minutes at which time Erik’s mother came in with Margot. She was horrified by how I looked, and the tears just came in rivers down my face. I had instant “mommy guilt” that I had left her overnight, that I wasn’t there when she woke up, that I couldn’t prepare her anymore for how much her world was going to be turned upside down. Dr. Earl hurried them out of the room, because I had gone from 7cm to 10cm in just a matter of minutes. It was time.

I can’t really explain how fast Jude came. It felt like seconds, but in reality was about 15 minutes. It was nothing. Before Erik and I had time to process what was happening, Jude was here. Erik cut his umbilical cord, and I held my son. He was the mirror image of his sister. I am so lucky. My nurse whisked him away to clean, weigh, and measure him. She had to remind Erik to take pictures. THANK GOD. I would’ve punched him had he not.

When Margot met Jude for the first time, she wasn’t really sure of the situation. Mommy looked weird and was hooked up to machines. We couldn’t go with her when she left. She was homesick, literally. She had a fever and was having the worst diarrhea(TMI, but she’s my baby) of her life. She was miserable. We only spent 24 hours in the hospital before we were begging to leave with Jude and have our family together. As much as we loved having our boy all to ourselves, we wanted to allow Margot time to accept him in a less sterile environment. Once we were home, Erik and I both knew our hearts were complete. As all parents believe, we have the most perfect children. Our family is beautiful. Our hearts are bursting with adoration of these two angels.

Around October, Erik’s family took bets on when Jude would be born and how much he weighed. Erik was the winner; he got it down to the ounce. I swear my boys are in cahoots with each other.

Damian Jude

Born: November 11, 2011 at 1:18PM

Weight 7lbs 9oz

Height: 19.5 inches

My three loves

Handsome little guy. This was the only time he ever took a pacifier.

Erik with both babies. Margot was miserable, but Jude is in his little bear outfit. Haha!

Jude has a natural faux hawk, which is how Erik wears his hair. Weird but adorable.

This is the first time Margot ever held Jude. He was three days old, and she had finally accepted him. She is an amazing big sister.

Let me close with current pictures of my kids, because who doesn’t like to gush about their flawless little blessings? Come on.

Margot all dressed up as a princess. Those curls!

Hello, future heart breaker.

Feast your eyes, my friends.

Have a wonderful evening!











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