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It’s OK Thursday! August 10, 2012

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Its Ok Thursdays

I have been reading these for about three weeks via Ashley at Simply, Ashley. This week, I feel it’s necessary that I participate in this link up. I need to accept some of my failures.

Here it goes…

It’s OK..

1. That I didn’t actually make a second, meaningful post yesterday as promised. Jude didn’t go to bed till Erik and I did.

2. That I have found another mom that I really click with and have spend an enormous amount of time with her trying to socialize our kids and ourselves. I need “mommy” time.

3. That I have really slacked on my slip cover project, and I desperately need to finish it. I’m so unmotivated…it’s rough doing these things by hand!

4. That I really want to go on a date with my man even though we’re about to go on “vacation”. We rarely get dates, and sometimes I need him to myself without the babies. We’re young, but we still have to work on that “spark”.

5. That I already want another tattoo. It’s ridiculous. We just finished ours. But Tyler’s work is SO good.

6. That Erik claims he doesn’t read my blog, but he reads whatever I write over my shoulder. It’s adorable.

7. That I am dying to be done breastfeeding for no other reason other than to have coffee again. Yes, I love that I am nursing, but some days I just CRAVE a cup of joe.

That’s it guys…I know it’s not much. But don’t worry! Another post is coming!


One Response to “It’s OK Thursday!”

  1. Erin Says:

    Sometimes those dates feel the best. And don’t worry that cup of jo will taste really good the longer you wait! If you get a sec, I’d love to hear your thoughts on my latest posts!


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