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It’s an Early Day August 15, 2012

It’s 7AM, which is a pretty normal time for normal people to wake up. But considering our family operates on the “restaurant” schedule, we usually aren’t up until 9:30 or 10AM. Margot goes to bed around 9:30, and Jude is usually asleep around 11. Erik and I are usually in bed around 1 or 2. The last few days, I’m not sure what Jude’s deal is. He won’t sleep in his crib and will only fall asleep if I let him stay latched on. Needless to say, the last time he woke up, I just got up. I nursed him back to sleep, and decided I’d just finish the last few things we need to do before we leave. And write a blog.

Soooo, GOOD MORNING! Since I can’t have coffee, I’m enjoying juice. When the kids get up, I WILL get a shower. I swear it! We leave for Indiana in just a few hours, and I CAN’T WAIT! Words can’t describe the feeling I get as soon as we hit Hamilton County. Thankfully, Erik’s grandma[who we’re staying with] lives just a few minutes away from my grandma and mom. As of last night we have whittled our list of important things that we absolutely want to do down to something every day.

What does that list include?

1. The Indiana State Fair – No fair or carnival anywhere will top this for us. It’s always a BLAST, and we know Margot is just going to really get into it this year! I can’t wait for my deep fried Milky Way, or a garbage burger, or lemon shake-ups, or deep fried pickle spears! I think the new food at the fair this year is deep fried bubblegum(yuck!) and ice cream with spaghetti(double yuck!). We’ll probably try it anyways. Be adventurous!

2. The Children’s Museum – We went for the first time with Margot back in May. She walked through the museum wide-eyed. She was in play heaven. We desperately want to go back, because there is nothing like that here in good ol’ Tennessee.

3. The Indianapolis Zoo – I HATE the zoo, but now I have kids. Every child has to go to the zoo at some point, and Erik is adamant about going while we’re up there. Our nearest zoo down here is about two hours away. So we’ll go even though it smells like poo. Whatever, I’ll suck it up because Margot will totally freak out seeing lions, and tigers, and bears OH MY!

4. Circle Center Mall – We want to go on a legitimate date, because it’s been awhile on that one. I’m considering trying to convince Erik to let us go on a carriage ride downtown and MAYBE somewhere like the Eagle’s Nest or St. Elmo’s. It’s not likely to happen, because Erik isn’t much of a romantic. But you never know, he has risen to the occasion before!

5. Family Get-togethers – I am determined to have my extended family meet Erik and Jude for the first time EVER. I know, it’s crazy that we could date for three years and he have never met my family. But that’s how it’s worked out. His father hasn’t even met my mother yet! CRAZY. My nieces haven’t even met Jude! It’s insanity. But it WILL happen if I have anything to do with it.

I think that about sums up our list. We’ll be there until next Wednesday, and I want to be able to really relax and enjoy ourselves. I’m going to get back to finishing packing. Please send nap vibes my way!


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