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Housewifery August 30, 2012

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Good evening, interwebs. I am thoroughly exhausted and desperately need a break from my dear sweet children. For the past two weeks Jude has refused to sleep in his crib in order to sleep next to me. His top gums are swollen, and so I’m going to chalk it up to him getting teeth. Needless to say, only Margot has gotten a good night’s sleep since all of this started. Let’s hope that tonight goes well. FINGERS. CROSSED. Margot has been a little angel for us, save for a few brief moments. It’s been crazy, crazy, crazy and I have been slacking on my blog…as seems the norm for the past however long. I’M SORRY.

I have a ridiculous amount of laundry to fold and put away. At some point, I’m sure it’ll do itself. I don’t mind doing laundry, but I HATE HATE HATE putting it away. HATE IT.

The dishes are needing to be done, but I have plenty of time to do them. They only take a few minutes to do, and I’ll have a clean kitchen when they’re finished. Clean kitchen, what?

I’m still not finished with my slip covers for the couch, because when we went to Indiana I got my sewing machine. I got it back here, set it up, and for some reason my machine isn’t catching the bobbin thread. I’m SURE it’s user error, but if it’s a timing issue I will be devastated. This is a Singer CG 560. It’s an industrial strength machine that my mother paid good money for, and I’ve missed it. I don’t know anyone who has a machine comparable to mine, and I seriously hope I can figure out what’s going on. If I can’t…then I’ll just figure out a no-sew method to make our living room fabulous.

I feel that I have gotten many DIYs started and only a few have been finished. I’m in the middle of making the crayon letters from Pinterest, but I’ve found that they are extremely frustrating. I try to freehand any pattern I need, and that seems to work okay. I just bought several more packs of crayons, because every project I find on Pinterest using them I have to try it. I don’t think they’ll take very long once I get going, but I have to be sure the kids are asleep before I whip out craft glue and an Xacto knife. I’ll keep you posted. I also have a baby shower to go to on Saturday, and I am HOPING I have time to make her super cool gift(I’m not going to disclose what it is in case she reads this, but I will post pictures once it’s done). Also, I saw an idea to repurpose all of the broken crayons we have that Margot doesn’t use. We made little hand friendly “tie dye” crayons. Super cool.

My angelic big helper.

Preheat your oven to 250F. Tear the papers off of the broken crayons, and sort them into muffin tins.

Bake them for about 7-8 minutes or until they are all visibly melted. Cool them in the fridge or freezer. It will make them easier to remove.

Voila! Super cool!

Ohhh, I am tired. I could really use  a serious back rub, a big cup of coffee with a heaping shot of Bailey’s or Godiva liqueur, and a snuggle. And probably a brownie. Or something. Am I whiny or WHAT?!






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