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Long Week September 28, 2012

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It has been a long week in the Wente house. Trying to keep the house clean, packing the kids for the cruise, and the rest of my “domestic duties” have kept me busy. I must say our house has stayed abnormally tidy because of our new cleaning schedule. It’s been wonderful.

I am so grateful to have pinned something about housecleaning. I used to spend a few hours once a week deep cleaning the hell hole our house had become. But now, with just half an hour out of my day I’m able to maintain a beautiful home. I posted a list of three to four things we need to do every day, and it’s amazing. Erik has taken the trash out faithfully and even started helping with dishes. I have two laundry days that made laundry SO much better. I am thankful for that stress off my shoulders.

As far as our cruise, I’m not sure I’ve mentioned it before. Erik’s mother and grandmother decided to treat the family to a 5 day cruise to Mexico!! We are leaving from New Orleans, which will be exciting in itself. I started packing for the kids, and I’m about halfway done. Margot reminds us how many days are left till Mexico all the time. We’re down to 14!! My mission this weekend is to pack all of my clothes.

Yesterday was an absolutely perfect day, and we have desperately needed it. I took Margot to story time at the library, which she loves. I had a dentist appointment, and Erik took Margot to the park. Afterward, all four of us took our first trip to the pumpkin patch. If you’re in the Tri-Cities, check out Cleek Farms. The only downside to the day was that I have to have one of my molars extracted. I’m not really upset, but it still stinks that I will have to lose a tooth. At least it will be done before our cruise!




Fuck the Troops? September 22, 2012

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Hello world! I apologize if this post is formatted strangely, I am writing this using my iPhone… I’m not sure how its going to pan out. However, if I DO like this app, I should be able to blog daily from now on! That would just be too convenient.

Anywho, I wanted to post about this Facebook group that randomly popped into my newsfeed the other day: Fuck the Troops. Yes, you read that right. Now I am sure that this group is either lead some immature 15 year old or some middle aged Marine reject on a power kick. This group is by invite only and has 205 members. I’m not sure if they only post so that members can see, but their wall is FLOODED with people telling them that they are unwelcome. But then it happened: I came across streams of posts by current and ex-military men where almost every word was vulgar or derogatory and totally out of line.

So what do I care? Let me say that I am PRO-military. I fully support the men and women that have given selflessly of their lives to protect our freedom. HOWEVER, there is a special place in my heart for those few douchebags who join the military because “college wasn’t for them” or “they would party too much in college” or “the money was right”. If your heart isn’t in it for the right reasons, I honestly, have zero respect for you. Don’t go posting on Facebook(which is a FREE social networking site open to ALL who care to join) that you are more entitled to life than those anti-war, anti-military people who made the group. You voluntarily signed your life away, and they chose not to. That doesn’t require a post saying “go fucking die you cock sucking faggot”. Grow up, and learn how to debate properly. Signing your life away to Uncle Sam should cause you to hold yourself to a higher standard. But, as I have witnessed firsthand on many occasions, the military kids party just as hard as those in college. The frequent the strip clubs, they drink WAY in excess, they constantly air their sense of entitlement. But in the end, they just signed on a dotted line to work and get paid.

I know, I know, it sounds bitchy. My apologies for the vulgarity of this post, but things like this REALLY piss me off. I have dated a few “military men” in my life, and I only have nice things to say about one of them. I have acquaintances in all branches of the military: Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines. All in all, it’s a job. They sign up. They go through training as in any job. They work. They get paid. Like most of America, they work to pay the bills. For those of you who are my dear military boys, this post is not about you. I have so much respect for the way you conduct yourselves and the way you treat others. You truly do deserve the title of “hero.” Much love to all of you.


Shout Out to Natural Beauty! September 16, 2012

Hey all! As an avid pinner, I like to look into all of the “natural” beauty product buzz. My (soon to be) sister-in-law has actually created an all natural beauty line that I’d like to give a huge shout out to today! Without further ado let me introduce Came Naturals!

A line created by Megan Madison

Their product line ranges from body scrubs made from sugar or salt, scented in all sorts of ways. They also sell coffee and oatmeal scrubs! From there they also make hand sanitizer, sugar wax, hair clarifiers, face masks, sachets, and lavender wands.

Honestly, who doesn’t love a good quality body scrub? They can be CRAZY expensive from a specialty boutique or the mall, but these are lovingly homemade and you can order them in SO many scents. Personally I love the Brown Sugar Vanilla sugar scrub. I can’t wait to try the coffee scrub, it sounds delicious and great for my skin.

I have been dying for a new mask to try, also. I’m obsessive about how my skin looks and feels, and this mask is amazing. I’m not sure what it is, but the smell and the result is just too good. Who doesn’t want glowing skin?!

As far as sugar wax goes, I discovered it not too long ago, and now that my SIL makes it I am totally sold. It’s simple and MUCH cheaper than going to a salon and having it done. This is a no strip and no heat wax, it is SO easy. I’m a believer. Seriously, give her homemade wax a try and you will be done spending money on a stranger to make your legs silky soft.

I hope you give Megan and Came Naturals a chance, and be sure you let her know I sent you!

Product list including prices of Came Naturals

Following are pictures of some of the products listed above!

Lavender wands are suggested to be hung in a shower or in a drawer, and can be recharged with a squeeze!

Bath sachets – Place them in your shower near the water to fill your shower with a powerful, rich, relaxing scent.

Sugar and salt scrubs

I sincerely hope you check out their product line and consider buying some of Megan’s fantastic homemade products.

This is the direct link to their Facebook page.


Oh, How Pinteresting! September 13, 2012

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This is my first Pinterest link up! I am so excited to share some of my recent pins, because I am a crafty freak. I have SO MANY ongoing projects that are nearly finished, and I can’t wait to share them with the world. I know I don’t have a big following, but it’s still nice to show my craftiness. Haha. Anyways, on with the link up!

I just saw this one, can’t wait to try it! I will write a review whenever I do make this.


This, amazingly, has made my week so much easier. I always struggle with deciding what to clean, and end up way over my head.

I love this so much.

I’m a huge sucker for caramels…yes, I will make these.

I can’t wait to have the chance to have a girls’ day.

Anyways, I have too many pins that are amazing to post. So that’s that. What did you pin?


Weekdays are Workdays! September 12, 2012

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So since it is the 11th anniversary of 9/11, and everyone is doing it — I’ll give me “where I was” story. I know, whatever, I’m jumping on the band wagon. But later on, as Ashley said, it’ll be nice to have it written down later on. I’ll forget the details at some point.

It was early morning, and I was in 7th grade. Mrs. Hedge’s science class had begun. We were in pairs doing some lab worksheet when she turned the television onto the news, and I noticed she was instantly in tears. I had no idea what was going on. She explained that the twin towers and the pentagon had been hit by two planes, and I was clueless. I still didn’t understand. When the bell rang, I went to Mr. Trueblood’s social studies class. He explained everything that had happened, and that we should go home to be sure everyone was safe. I was totally freaked out, because I was 12 and had no understanding of the world around me. I remember leaving school that day on the bus, and the gas stations had lines stretching down the roads.

Gas prices before all of this war bull hockey.

I watched the news at home for hours upon hours. I remember logging on to AOL Instant Messenger(I KNOW. BACK IN THE DAY) to check on my who entourage of friends both in Indy and across the nation. It was frightening to think that the whole nation was up in arms over something that happened in a matter of hours. To think about all of that now is still frightening. My kids won’t be able to grow up understanding how inflated gas prices have become, or how people used to treat each other without preemptive suspicions, or how we didn’t have to be nearly strip searched at the airports before all of this.

Anyways, on to happier things.

I’ve been pretty busy lately, and I feel much better than I did in my last post. This week has been so much better than last week. Friday, the Pritchett’s, the babies, and I went to a festival in Johnson City for the Hands On! Museum. Had we gotten there earlier, it probably would’ve been way more enjoyable. But it was a nice way to spend the evening with all four of the kids. My kids slept well that night, thank goodness. Other than that, Jude has had some sort of sleep dependency on me, and it’s really starting to affect my quality of sleep. THIS TOO SHALL PASS. Breathe.

Sunday was Erik and I’s third anniversary, and it was the best one yet. His mom volunteered to take the kids ALL day, and it was the break we both needed. I haven’t been on a real “date” with Erik since June. We decided to go to Gatlinburg! We’ve never been, but it was SO fun! We are already planning a weekend trip for Margot and Erik’s birthdays. It was so wonderful having my hubby to myself. ❤ As a side note, we have both started reading the Fifty Shades of Grey on a Nook we checked out of our local library. Erik has really embraced “romance” since starting this book. He went out and bought a lovely bottle of wine and drew us a bath. YES, A BATH. He’s been wonderfully sweet, and he is normally not super into PDA or sweet nothings or cuddling. We actually have been reading the book together while we take a bath, and it’s just a fabulously intimate feeling. Reading a sexy book and enjoying being able to relax with my love. ❤ Love this man.

On the Sky Lift in Gatlinburg

We leave for our cruise to Mexico in about a month! I am SO excited! Does anyone have any excursion recommendations? We have saved our money to do some fun things, and I’ve been researching for awhile. Can’t wait to be out of Tennessee for a little while!

Also, I recently pinned a website about keeping your home deep cleaned, and I am COMMITTED! It’s so easy, and I have already noticed a difference. It’s been two days, and the house is cleaner than usual. I will update at the week goes on, but it’s so nice to have a clean home.


The Blues September 5, 2012

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I realize I am having a very difficult time committing to blogging daily, even though it really helps with my frustration with EVERYTHING. I don’t know what it is lately, but I am totally just exhausted. I have said it over and over and over and over for awhile: I need a BREAK. I need sleep and some time for myself. I feel like a bad mom for even thinking that, but whatever. My kids are wonderful, and gorgeous, and completely EXHAUSTING. Thank goodness for mommy friends who understands.

I think I may spend this blog venting my frustration, because I really just need to get it all out there. So, sorry for the whining and overall gloominess of this whole post. Seriously, just stop reading if you’re looking for bubbly motherhood stories.

Feeling a little blue…

I am incredibly thankful for the life I have now, and I do my best to show that I appreciate it. I know that I fail a lot of the times, because I let the house get messy or I am not always outwardly loving as I should be. Erik is a fantastic father and provider. He is a great partner. I adore him. But lately, I’ve been incredibly lonesome. It’s not that he works crazy long hours, or that he’s never home. He and I have just been amiss in our relationship for a little while. We’re not fighting, but we both have very different ideas for how we want our relationship to be at this point. I think it’s causing a bit of tension, and it’s been seriously affecting my moods. On top of all of that, our three year anniversary is this coming Sunday. East Tennessee offers nothing exciting to do other than bad food, bad service, and a big whopping NOTHING. I miss you, Indiana. 😦

Motherhood has been incredibly frustrating for a couple weeks now, and I have been irritated with how I’ve handled myself. Toddlers, according to almost any mother, are extremely difficult sometimes. Margot is hitting a point where she just will not listen. I don’t know why, but she will just sit there and ignore anything I’ve said to her. I have lost my patience with her, and I have worded things in mean ways. It’s really immature, and I have guilt. I hate myself for even thinking about being mad at her. She’s TWO, Brittany. I love her immensely, but I could really appreciate her listening. Jude is starting to get his top two teeth; he isn’t sleeping well. Therefore, I am not sleeping well. He is a sweet boy, and I know that he doesn’t mean to be difficult. It’s really hard.

I don’t have a job, and therefore do not have any money. Erik has set up an account that he will put money into if I need it, but that has sat on $0.00 for awhile. I’m not complaining, because that is HIS money. We aren’t married, and I am not entitled to it. My point here is that I am desperate to find a way to start earning my own money while being able to stay at home with the kids. The only real way to do that, I think, is by joining some Mary Kay/Scentsy/Cutco/whatever MLM type company. I hate the whole concept of MLMs, because a lot of the time they are a huge waste of money and time. If that’s what I need to do, though, I am willing to bust my ass to make my own money. I hate relying on Erik to give me money. So if any of you have ideas, please send them my way.

I may schedule an appointment with my gynecologist, who I consider my primary care doctor. I am experiencing some pretty serious migraines, mood swings, and overall disconnect from normalcy since I started on my Mirena. Don’t get me wrong, I love the concept of it. But I’ve noticed that I have really struggled to lose the last seven pounds from my pregnancy with Jude.  I’m not chubby or anything, but as a petite woman I would like to be able to fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans I’ve worked hard to fit into again. I have almost no sex drive left, and that’s pretty personal. It makes Erik and I’s “intimate” life difficult. He feels inadequate, when that’s really not the case at all. The migraines and mood swings top the bill for me. As a SAHM, there is no time to be depressed or having mind searing light sensitivity. I have to be on my A game 100% of the time. Having said all that, it’s probably time that I schedule an appointment with Dr. Earl.

I guess this concludes my rant, but don’t judge me. I’m not myself tonight. I just need a release. I need to get away or be alone, or something.


Crafty Crafts! September 2, 2012

Hey world! After a very stressful week, I was finally able to really get into my crafting mood, and hammer out some crafts that I’ve been promising myself I’d do. Pinterest is far too tempting to pass up some projects. So here they are people:

1. via Pinterest: Crayon Monograms…

I wanted to do a M and a J for the kids’ initials. We plan on hanging them in the corner by all of their toys with my melted crayon project in the center.

I free handed the outline, but it looks alright

Free handing this one too. Still in progress.

2. also via Pinterest: Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies

You read that right. Red Velvet. Cheesecake. Brownies. I think I hear angels singing. The recipe can be found here at Sweet Pea’s Kitchen.

Mine turned out SOOOO amazing.

3. Finally, a diaper motorcycle.

I am offering to make these for any of you who would be interested! Diaper cakes are so common now, but a motorcycle?! Message me for ordering info!

Everything is customizable!

Usually made using Pampers, but here I used Luvs because I knew the recipient planned on using Luvs.