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Weekdays are Workdays! September 12, 2012

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So since it is the 11th anniversary of 9/11, and everyone is doing it — I’ll give me “where I was” story. I know, whatever, I’m jumping on the band wagon. But later on, as Ashley said, it’ll be nice to have it written down later on. I’ll forget the details at some point.

It was early morning, and I was in 7th grade. Mrs. Hedge’s science class had begun. We were in pairs doing some lab worksheet when she turned the television onto the news, and I noticed she was instantly in tears. I had no idea what was going on. She explained that the twin towers and the pentagon had been hit by two planes, and I was clueless. I still didn’t understand. When the bell rang, I went to Mr. Trueblood’s social studies class. He explained everything that had happened, and that we should go home to be sure everyone was safe. I was totally freaked out, because I was 12 and had no understanding of the world around me. I remember leaving school that day on the bus, and the gas stations had lines stretching down the roads.

Gas prices before all of this war bull hockey.

I watched the news at home for hours upon hours. I remember logging on to AOL Instant Messenger(I KNOW. BACK IN THE DAY) to check on my who entourage of friends both in Indy and across the nation. It was frightening to think that the whole nation was up in arms over something that happened in a matter of hours. To think about all of that now is still frightening. My kids won’t be able to grow up understanding how inflated gas prices have become, or how people used to treat each other without preemptive suspicions, or how we didn’t have to be nearly strip searched at the airports before all of this.

Anyways, on to happier things.

I’ve been pretty busy lately, and I feel much better than I did in my last post. This week has been so much better than last week. Friday, the Pritchett’s, the babies, and I went to a festival in Johnson City for the Hands On! Museum. Had we gotten there earlier, it probably would’ve been way more enjoyable. But it was a nice way to spend the evening with all four of the kids. My kids slept well that night, thank goodness. Other than that, Jude has had some sort of sleep dependency on me, and it’s really starting to affect my quality of sleep. THIS TOO SHALL PASS. Breathe.

Sunday was Erik and I’s third anniversary, and it was the best one yet. His mom volunteered to take the kids ALL day, and it was the break we both needed. I haven’t been on a real “date” with Erik since June. We decided to go to Gatlinburg! We’ve never been, but it was SO fun! We are already planning a weekend trip for Margot and Erik’s birthdays. It was so wonderful having my hubby to myself. ❤ As a side note, we have both started reading the Fifty Shades of Grey on a Nook we checked out of our local library. Erik has really embraced “romance” since starting this book. He went out and bought a lovely bottle of wine and drew us a bath. YES, A BATH. He’s been wonderfully sweet, and he is normally not super into PDA or sweet nothings or cuddling. We actually have been reading the book together while we take a bath, and it’s just a fabulously intimate feeling. Reading a sexy book and enjoying being able to relax with my love. ❤ Love this man.

On the Sky Lift in Gatlinburg

We leave for our cruise to Mexico in about a month! I am SO excited! Does anyone have any excursion recommendations? We have saved our money to do some fun things, and I’ve been researching for awhile. Can’t wait to be out of Tennessee for a little while!

Also, I recently pinned a website about keeping your home deep cleaned, and I am COMMITTED! It’s so easy, and I have already noticed a difference. It’s been two days, and the house is cleaner than usual. I will update at the week goes on, but it’s so nice to have a clean home.


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