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Long Week September 28, 2012

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It has been a long week in the Wente house. Trying to keep the house clean, packing the kids for the cruise, and the rest of my “domestic duties” have kept me busy. I must say our house has stayed abnormally tidy because of our new cleaning schedule. It’s been wonderful.

I am so grateful to have pinned something about housecleaning. I used to spend a few hours once a week deep cleaning the hell hole our house had become. But now, with just half an hour out of my day I’m able to maintain a beautiful home. I posted a list of three to four things we need to do every day, and it’s amazing. Erik has taken the trash out faithfully and even started helping with dishes. I have two laundry days that made laundry SO much better. I am thankful for that stress off my shoulders.

As far as our cruise, I’m not sure I’ve mentioned it before. Erik’s mother and grandmother decided to treat the family to a 5 day cruise to Mexico!! We are leaving from New Orleans, which will be exciting in itself. I started packing for the kids, and I’m about halfway done. Margot reminds us how many days are left till Mexico all the time. We’re down to 14!! My mission this weekend is to pack all of my clothes.

Yesterday was an absolutely perfect day, and we have desperately needed it. I took Margot to story time at the library, which she loves. I had a dentist appointment, and Erik took Margot to the park. Afterward, all four of us took our first trip to the pumpkin patch. If you’re in the Tri-Cities, check out Cleek Farms. The only downside to the day was that I have to have one of my molars extracted. I’m not really upset, but it still stinks that I will have to lose a tooth. At least it will be done before our cruise!




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