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Social Sunday Link Up! October 7, 2012

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I’m working on another post right now, but I figured this would be a nice way break between my next ranting post. Haha.


Sunday Social


This week’s link up is all about fall! Favorite food, recipes, decor, fashion, etc, etc. I think Pinterest is everyone’s best friend for this link up.

Here goes:

I made this pumpkin with Margot!

Margot and I's melted crayon pumpkin!


I’ve been looking for this recipe for YEARS…and finally I can make my own vanilla chai latte.

Homemade Vanilla Chai Tea Latte


Who doesn’t love BOOTS? Fall means tall, leather boots. Mmmm… Love.


Also, being totally obsessed with eye colors…Fall makes for some GORGEOUS makeup looks.


Fall Makeup

Margot’s current career aspiration is to be an astronaut. And we are desperately looking for a Halloween costume like this one…

Astronaut Costume | Pottery Barn Kids

I think Jude, if we can find one, will be Green Lantern. He’s Erik’s favorite superhero.


Can you say POT ROAST? MMM.

Crockpot Pot Roast


I can’t decide which desserts I want to post, because I have a sweet tooth the size of Godzilla…

But seriously, who from my generation isn’t totally sold on THIS?! Dunkaroos were the SHIZ-NIT.

Dunkaroo Dip. 1 box funfetti cake mix, 1/2 container plain yogurt, 1/2 container of cool whip.  Serve with animal crackers, graham crackers. Life. Changing.


Look at this…totally making this for dinner.

pepperoni pizza rolls


Also, as my friend Ashley over at Simply, Ashley said, the smell of fall in Indiana is indescribable. There are no words to explain the way the morning smells in Indiana. It’s earthy, and clean, and home-y. I miss it. I’m not sure that all of Tennessee is like this, but Kingsport just smells disgusting. Eastman Chemical is based here, and the effects are everywhere. My skin is sensitive because of the difference in air quality. It just stinks here. Bleh. So those of you in Indiana who don’t relish all of that amazing tree, pumpkin, apple, baking, clean smell…I hate you. Hahaha. It’s too bad Yankee Candle can’t capture that smell. I want it.


I do have to say that as Erik and I are really settling into parenthood, we LOVE celebrating holidays with the kids. We were both the kind of people who don’t really enjoy the holidays. But now, we are so into decorating the house, and explaining the holidays, and cherishing all of the memories our children are making. We just decorated our balcony with Halloween lights, our pumpkins, and window clings. We have apple and autumn scented candles wafting through the house. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving, because I have recipes up my sleeve.

What do you love about fall?



2 Responses to “Social Sunday Link Up!”

  1. veronica Says:

    I love so many things about fall, but at the top of the list is fall colors! Changing leaves are so beautiful…it’s hard for me to keep my eyes on the road 😉

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