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You’re Gonna Miss This October 8, 2012

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So, as I’m winding my way through the posts of bloggers I follow along with other “mom bloggers” I realize how much I am going to miss these days. Every day is one day closer to childhood rather than “toddlerhood”. I know I have my days where Mr. Jude and Miss Margot drive me CRAZY, and I am not the perfect mother. But most days I end thinking “I really just want to snuggle my babies.” I know, I know. I’m with them all day long, and most days I just want a break. But seriously, at night, all I want to do is squeeze and snuggle and kiss my babies. I could suffocate them with my love alone. Haha. But really, why are our kids SO FREAKING CUTE?

Margot is an amazingly bright little girl. At 2.5 years old she is able to sound out words, recognize colors, shapes, numbers, and all sorts of things. I usually loathe gloating moms, but I know that if I were to continue I would be one of those. So anyways, Margot, my dear, sweet, angel girl(yes, I call her that like all the time.) has hit this stage that I just can’t help but be so thankful for. Not too long ago, I would have meltdowns because I couldn’t handle her destroying the house and being a menace, I guess. But as of like two weeks ago, she has blossomed into this wonderful, behaved(for the most part), polite angel. She tells me she loves me out of the blue. She kisses her brother. She shares openly with him. She eats without a fight. She. Is. Perfect. I am in love with this little curly headed blessing, and she doesn’t even understand. Erik and I always talk about how badly we want to just hug and squeeze the kids, but they’re babies. So we can’t. JUST WAIT TIL THEY’RE TEENAGERS. I’ll take my hugging needs out on them then. I know that sometimes I don’t appreciate her being a toddler as much as I should. She is still a 2 year old, and there are definitely times when I could just pull my hair out. But I think that I am starting to realize she is discovering her world, and learning in her own ways. That girl. UGH. She’s just so wonderful. I am half tempted to go play with her curls and rub her back.

ImageIsn’t she gorgeous? She asked to wear this hat, so I don’t know why she’s making this face. Haha.


When we found out that Jude was a boy, I never would have imagined how different parenting him would be. He’s not even a year old yet, and my relationship with him is nothing like how it is with Margot. (Also, as a side note, I burnt my wrist on a hot glue gun. OUCH. So I keep having to stop typing because my wrist hurts. :() Jude is such a character, though. His personality is really starting to develop, and he is just hilarious. He flirts with anyone, mostly women, if they’ll just smile at him. He is a sweet little ball of squishy love. Seriously, his skin is like the softest thing ever. I want a pillow made out of it. Not really, freaks, but it’d be the best pillow ever. Since he’s breastfed, he is the BIGGEST mama’s boy, and I like it that way. I am the end-all-be-all in his world, and it’s wonderful. I can solve all of his problems. For any of you mothers who breastfeed, you know what I mean when they look at you while they nurse and the little look in their eyes is priceless. NO ONE ELSE gets to see that, EVER. It’s incredible. Being a mother to a little boy is so amazing, because I know that everything I teach him will influence the man he is going to be. You know what’s the best about Jude right now? He’s learned to give kisses. Seriously…baby kisses are the best. Drooly, and sometimes bitey, but completely innocent and heart-melting.



Why yes, he IS standing on the dishwasher because he climbed up on it.


I think I need to have Erik come turn me back human, just thinking about my kids turns me into a big pile of Mom-goo. I’ll have to figure out what I’m going to do when they start school. I won’t make it through the day. I don’t want to be pounding on the school doors screaming “give me back my belly fruit!” I’m a helicopter mom, and for right now, that’s okay. I need to just go read Fifty Shades or something to get me back to reality.

ImageAnxiously awaiting dinner.



2 Responses to “You’re Gonna Miss This”

  1. Hillary Says:

    I know this feel well. A few weeks ago I wanted to snuggle Ethan so bad, I actually went and got him out of his crib so I could. Also…..I lol’d at belly fruit pretty hard.

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