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Harry Potter Link Up! October 9, 2012

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Yep, linking up with Ashley over at Simply, Ashley. Can’t resist a Harry Potter one! I’ll have to have Erik post his answers as soon as he gets home, because he’s HP crazy too!

1)Your favorite female character? And why.
I’m on the same page with most everyone this week, and I have to say I just love Luna. She is a completely under rated character who should’ve had more time on screen. I think she is just stunningly beautiful, and charming, and clever. Like Hermione, but without the hype.
2)Your least favorite Male character? And why.
Hmmm…lets see…probably the top of my list is Peter Pettigrew. I’m not sure why he tops the list of you know Voldemort, Percy, Lucius Malfoy, etc, etc. But Peter Pettigrew was just irritating. Loathsome. Dirty. Weak.
3) Pick one: Horcrux or Hallows?
Personally, I love the story of the Deathly Hallows. I think it was translated to screen so well, and it just captured my interested more than the story of the horcruxes.
4)Which character do you relate to most?
This is hard to choose because I don’t want to say Hermione. I think she’s probably the easiest choice, here. Other than Hermione, I suppose Luna. She’s very private, a little awkward, clever, and charming. Ha. I just complimented myself.
5)Your favorite pairing of characters?
I’m going to say Lupin and Tonks. Everyone saw the Hermione and Ron thing coming starting the in first book. But Lupin and Tonks made a sweet couple. I love the way they portray their reappearance through the Resurrection Stone with them saying that their son will understand their untimely deaths later on. It was heartbreaking and warming all at the same time.
6)Your favorite professor?
This is tough, for sure. McGonagall is probably the winner here. She’s just BAD ASS. I love that she is motherly, wise, and strong.
7)Bring one character back to life? Who and why?
Okay this is seriously the hardest question on this list. This is a toss up between Snape and Sirius(for my own personal interest it would be Fred…because I’ve always had a thing for the twins. Idk.). I feel like the relationship between Snape and Harry would have been such a blessing on both ends, but the same goes for Sirius. Sirius may have been James’ best friend, but Snape’s relationship with Lilly I feel would have been more insightful for Harry and offered better closure. Idk, it’s debatable.
* Share some of your favorite HP pins, quotes etc…


Deathly Hallows

Luna Lovegood

Who would’ve thought Neville would turn out to be the best looking?


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