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It’s the Sea Calling! October 24, 2012

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Hello all, I am finally home! After a week of soaking up sun on the Carnival Elation, I am back to tell you all about our cruise! Also check out Ashley’s review of her cruise on Simply, Ashley!

We took the kids, my mother-in-law and her boyfriend, Erik’s little brother, and his grandmother. It was a total blast! As Ashley says in her post: if you’re looking to travel, cruising is the way to do it. Once you are on board it is all easy. We went through customs and baggage check which was all a little rushed and crazy with two babies. On the other hand, once you get through all of that, there is very little to worry about. The ship offers non-stop entertainment. Here goes my week in review!

Sunday we spent the evening in New Orleans, and I hated every minute of it. We stayed about 15 minutes from downtown, but explored the French Quarter around Canal Street during the evening. I can’t even explain how stressed and frustrated Erik and I were all night. Countless amounts of people kept approaching us trying to touch our kids or ask for money. Seriously, worst experience ever. I would never go back.

Monday morning we woke up and boarded our ship, the Elation. We spent most of the day hanging out by the pool. Erik and I explored the ship a little to figure out how it all connected and whatnot. Margot loved seeing the pool fill up, and she danced like a mad woman to the house band. Dinner this night was delicious. Their cheesecake was AMAZING. I did have a bit of seasickness, but after I slept I was fine.

Tuesday we woke up to wide open ocean. It’s breathtaking. Jude captured the hearts of both passengers and crew. Seriously, everyone flirted with him. Margot, again, loved the pool and hot tub(which is actually a whirlpool, so it’s just warm not hot). We spent the day enjoying the sun. The Hairy Man contest was HYSTERICAL, and an older man named Gilligan won. Great day.

Wednesday, we ported in Progreso. Erik and I signed up for an excursion to the Dzibilchaltun Mayan ruins. It was amazing. Our tour guides, Luis and Humberto, were incredibly knowledgable and personable. The ruins were just incredible. I have pictures at the end. We also enjoyed a beach break with free food and drinks. We also played in the casino! I won $85 playing blackjack! The boys lost their money.

Thursday we ported in Cozumel. They had to close the gangway because it got so congested. But once off board, the water was a GORGEOUS electric blue. I wish I had more time there. But our whole group boarded a bus to Playa Mia and spent the day on the ocean. We held parrots, ate delicious food, and collected shells. Margot taught herself to swim out of NOWHERE. Talk about amazing. Erik and I went parasailing together, which was so wonderful! After awhile the world just got quiet… Seriously, if you ever have the chance DO it. This day was by far the best. Erik won a ton of money in the casino. Great, great day.

Friday was our last day at sea. We spent it swimming, dancing, eating, and indulging in each other’s company. The highlight of the day was competing in the Last Woman Standing, which was a speed scavenger hunt. Erik’s grandmother and I played against 10 other women. Nonee placed 3rd. I came in 2nd, but I got elbowed off the stairs in the final round. We were chasing down a man in an eye patch. Bummer!

We are already looking to book another cruise. The food was subpar, and I would’ve chosen the buffet lines over the dining room every night. The service was AMAZING. Our bar servers fawned over the kids. Some of the crew even made them little napkin or origami animals. If we hadn’t taken the kids, we would’ve gone to more of the shows, but it was nice to just be slow. I cannot wait to take another cruise. BEST. VACATION. EVER.

This is the front of our ship.


Yep, that’s a leopard and a tiger cub. Margot and I played with them!










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