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My Latest Obsessions July 22, 2012

sI figured that since my last post was a little rough around the edges, I should lighten the mood. This is just a fun post about my recent “addictions”. This will be a list of products, shows, and pages I love, love, love. Enjoy!

1. Ebay – Erik and I both love Ebay because we can find everything for dirt cheap. We love getting new cases for our iPhones. These are a few of them…

I had this case for about ten days before I needed a replacement. It’s beautiful but very fragile.

I am currently anticipating the arrival of this case. I seriously hope it’s as amazing as it looks.

2. Pinterest – Just like the majority of ladies I know, I could spend HOURS on Pinterest. I love finding DIY projects that are simple and kid friendly. I’m also completely in love with wedding ideas; I have always loved all things wedding oriented. I pin mostly crafts, delicious looking treats, and wedding dresses or venues. I’m a girly girl. Haha.

3. The Walking Dead – Let me just say that I hate zombie shows, video games, the thought, or anything to do with zombies. They’re gross and horrifying. But let me just say that Erik has really gotten me into this show. We just finished up the season finale on DVR, and I love the story line. I have genuine opinions about characters and the plot. I don’t really like gory shows, but the CG isn’t great in this show. Therefore it’s tolerable. For any of you who watch the show, Daryl and Herschel are my favorite characters. I loathe Lori, Carl, and Andrea. I’ll have to post about my thoughts later. I could go on for awhile.

Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead

This is Herschel Greene. Anyone who knows me should know that I almost always love grandpas. Isn’t he adorable?

4. Scentsy – I found out about Scentsy after deciding that tart warmers were far more efficient than candles. They’re low temperature melting wax makes it safe for my kids if they find a way to climb the counters and stick their finger in it. They are a company of independent sales consultants, and my neighbor happens to be one! Their products are a little bit more expensive than warmers or tarts you would buy in a department store. Personally, I have only bought the bars while using Wal-Mart brand warmers. Their scents are amazing and much more fragrant than any candle or Wal-Mart brand tart that I’ve purchased. This is a link to my consultants page in case you’re interested: https://smellygoodthings.scentsy.us/Scentsy/Home

This is one of my favorite scents, Kahiko Hula. It is very fruity and tart. It makes our house smell amazing!

This is the Scentsy brand warmer called Margot and is totally gorgeous. Of course I want it!

5. Thirty-One – I found out about this through Suzanne, my mother-in-law. For Margot’s second birthday she gave me this ADORABLE personalized Thirty-One tote that I now use as a diaper bag. Since then, I have added their large utility tote to our collection. I have used it for laundry, crafts, and will soon be used for my “early education” endeavors. Suzanne is apparently going to surprise me with another piece that should match what we already have.

This is my personalized Thirty-One tote. Yes, those are my cartoon babies! It reads “Wente Kids”. Adorable!

This isn’t the best picture of the utility tote, but this is the pattern “Lotsa Dots”. It’s the same pattern as on Margot’s dress on the canvas tote I have.

This is a close up of the embroidered “Wente” on the utility tote. It’s actually much easier to read than these pictures show.

6. Books – This is going to be my last “obsession” for the day. These are just a few of my favorite books to read to the kids that we all love. Margot and Jude both love reading stories. I love reading to them. We read anywhere from three to five books every night right before bedtime, and it really helps mellow them out.

This book is more for me to remind the kids that I will always love and support them.

Again, this book is mostly for me to remind them that I cherish their childhood, but I don’t want to stifle their growth by dwelling on memories.

Margot LOVES this book. I always have her point out different things and explain what’s going on in each picture. It’s amazing what she can understand. Also, every Mercer Mayer book has like a mouse and/or a spider hidden on each page.

This is the first book I ever read to Margot. She was a newborn, and she loved every story except the last one, “What was I Scared of?” Now that’s probably her favorite. This book has “The Sneetches”, “The Zax”, “Too Many Daves”, and “What was I Scared of?” Almost anything Dr. Seuss is a hit with her.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Feel free to let me know what you think. I could certainly use some feedback to help gear my future posts!