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Fuck the Troops? September 22, 2012

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Hello world! I apologize if this post is formatted strangely, I am writing this using my iPhone… I’m not sure how its going to pan out. However, if I DO like this app, I should be able to blog daily from now on! That would just be too convenient.

Anywho, I wanted to post about this Facebook group that randomly popped into my newsfeed the other day: Fuck the Troops. Yes, you read that right. Now I am sure that this group is either lead some immature 15 year old or some middle aged Marine reject on a power kick. This group is by invite only and has 205 members. I’m not sure if they only post so that members can see, but their wall is FLOODED with people telling them that they are unwelcome. But then it happened: I came across streams of posts by current and ex-military men where almost every word was vulgar or derogatory and totally out of line.

So what do I care? Let me say that I am PRO-military. I fully support the men and women that have given selflessly of their lives to protect our freedom. HOWEVER, there is a special place in my heart for those few douchebags who join the military because “college wasn’t for them” or “they would party too much in college” or “the money was right”. If your heart isn’t in it for the right reasons, I honestly, have zero respect for you. Don’t go posting on Facebook(which is a FREE social networking site open to ALL who care to join) that you are more entitled to life than those anti-war, anti-military people who made the group. You voluntarily signed your life away, and they chose not to. That doesn’t require a post saying “go fucking die you cock sucking faggot”. Grow up, and learn how to debate properly. Signing your life away to Uncle Sam should cause you to hold yourself to a higher standard. But, as I have witnessed firsthand on many occasions, the military kids party just as hard as those in college. The frequent the strip clubs, they drink WAY in excess, they constantly air their sense of entitlement. But in the end, they just signed on a dotted line to work and get paid.

I know, I know, it sounds bitchy. My apologies for the vulgarity of this post, but things like this REALLY piss me off. I have dated a few “military men” in my life, and I only have nice things to say about one of them. I have acquaintances in all branches of the military: Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines. All in all, it’s a job. They sign up. They go through training as in any job. They work. They get paid. Like most of America, they work to pay the bills. For those of you who are my dear military boys, this post is not about you. I have so much respect for the way you conduct yourselves and the way you treat others. You truly do deserve the title of “hero.” Much love to all of you.