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Shout Out to Natural Beauty! September 16, 2012

Hey all! As an avid pinner, I like to look into all of the “natural” beauty product buzz. My (soon to be) sister-in-law has actually created an all natural beauty line that I’d like to give a huge shout out to today! Without further ado let me introduce Came Naturals!

A line created by Megan Madison

Their product line ranges from body scrubs made from sugar or salt, scented in all sorts of ways. They also sell coffee and oatmeal scrubs! From there they also make hand sanitizer, sugar wax, hair clarifiers, face masks, sachets, and lavender wands.

Honestly, who doesn’t love a good quality body scrub? They can be CRAZY expensive from a specialty boutique or the mall, but these are lovingly homemade and you can order them in SO many scents. Personally I love the Brown Sugar Vanilla sugar scrub. I can’t wait to try the coffee scrub, it sounds delicious and great for my skin.

I have been dying for a new mask to try, also. I’m obsessive about how my skin looks and feels, and this mask is amazing. I’m not sure what it is, but the smell and the result is just too good. Who doesn’t want glowing skin?!

As far as sugar wax goes, I discovered it not too long ago, and now that my SIL makes it I am totally sold. It’s simple and MUCH cheaper than going to a salon and having it done. This is a no strip and no heat wax, it is SO easy. I’m a believer. Seriously, give her homemade wax a try and you will be done spending money on a stranger to make your legs silky soft.

I hope you give Megan and Came Naturals a chance, and be sure you let her know I sent you!

Product list including prices of Came Naturals

Following are pictures of some of the products listed above!

Lavender wands are suggested to be hung in a shower or in a drawer, and can be recharged with a squeeze!

Bath sachets – Place them in your shower near the water to fill your shower with a powerful, rich, relaxing scent.

Sugar and salt scrubs

I sincerely hope you check out their product line and consider buying some of Megan’s fantastic homemade products.

This is the direct link to their Facebook page.


Crafty Crafts! September 2, 2012

Hey world! After a very stressful week, I was finally able to really get into my crafting mood, and hammer out some crafts that I’ve been promising myself I’d do. Pinterest is far too tempting to pass up some projects. So here they are people:

1. via Pinterest: Crayon Monograms…

I wanted to do a M and a J for the kids’ initials. We plan on hanging them in the corner by all of their toys with my melted crayon project in the center.

I free handed the outline, but it looks alright

Free handing this one too. Still in progress.

2. also via Pinterest: Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies

You read that right. Red Velvet. Cheesecake. Brownies. I think I hear angels singing. The recipe can be found here at Sweet Pea’s Kitchen.

Mine turned out SOOOO amazing.

3. Finally, a diaper motorcycle.

I am offering to make these for any of you who would be interested! Diaper cakes are so common now, but a motorcycle?! Message me for ordering info!

Everything is customizable!

Usually made using Pampers, but here I used Luvs because I knew the recipient planned on using Luvs.






Housewifery August 30, 2012

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Good evening, interwebs. I am thoroughly exhausted and desperately need a break from my dear sweet children. For the past two weeks Jude has refused to sleep in his crib in order to sleep next to me. His top gums are swollen, and so I’m going to chalk it up to him getting teeth. Needless to say, only Margot has gotten a good night’s sleep since all of this started. Let’s hope that tonight goes well. FINGERS. CROSSED. Margot has been a little angel for us, save for a few brief moments. It’s been crazy, crazy, crazy and I have been slacking on my blog…as seems the norm for the past however long. I’M SORRY.

I have a ridiculous amount of laundry to fold and put away. At some point, I’m sure it’ll do itself. I don’t mind doing laundry, but I HATE HATE HATE putting it away. HATE IT.

The dishes are needing to be done, but I have plenty of time to do them. They only take a few minutes to do, and I’ll have a clean kitchen when they’re finished. Clean kitchen, what?

I’m still not finished with my slip covers for the couch, because when we went to Indiana I got my sewing machine. I got it back here, set it up, and for some reason my machine isn’t catching the bobbin thread. I’m SURE it’s user error, but if it’s a timing issue I will be devastated. This is a Singer CG 560. It’s an industrial strength machine that my mother paid good money for, and I’ve missed it. I don’t know anyone who has a machine comparable to mine, and I seriously hope I can figure out what’s going on. If I can’t…then I’ll just figure out a no-sew method to make our living room fabulous.

I feel that I have gotten many DIYs started and only a few have been finished. I’m in the middle of making the crayon letters from Pinterest, but I’ve found that they are extremely frustrating. I try to freehand any pattern I need, and that seems to work okay. I just bought several more packs of crayons, because every project I find on Pinterest using them I have to try it. I don’t think they’ll take very long once I get going, but I have to be sure the kids are asleep before I whip out craft glue and an Xacto knife. I’ll keep you posted. I also have a baby shower to go to on Saturday, and I am HOPING I have time to make her super cool gift(I’m not going to disclose what it is in case she reads this, but I will post pictures once it’s done). Also, I saw an idea to repurpose all of the broken crayons we have that Margot doesn’t use. We made little hand friendly “tie dye” crayons. Super cool.

My angelic big helper.

Preheat your oven to 250F. Tear the papers off of the broken crayons, and sort them into muffin tins.

Bake them for about 7-8 minutes or until they are all visibly melted. Cool them in the fridge or freezer. It will make them easier to remove.

Voila! Super cool!

Ohhh, I am tired. I could really use  a serious back rub, a big cup of coffee with a heaping shot of Bailey’s or Godiva liqueur, and a snuggle. And probably a brownie. Or something. Am I whiny or WHAT?!






Feeling Good! August 26, 2012

I am BACK! It has been over a week since I posted last, mostly due to the fact that I was nowhere near a computer in Indy. I am thrilled to be blogging right now, though! I have accomplished so much today, and I am feeling GREAT.

Indiana is always full of great memories when we get to visit. I’ll post some of the best pictures we took. There are several to sort through. The Indiana State Fair is one of Erik and I’s favorite things about going back. Fair food, the Midway, the world’s largest boar, and winning prizes for our little ones! We also were able to visit the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, which is amazing! Margot loved it the last time we were there, and she is obsessed with the carousel. The last place we wanted to visit if we got the chance was the Indianapolis Zoo. I haven’t been to the zoo since I was little because I think it smells awful. Margot and Jude got to experience the zoo for the first time ever, and they LOVED it. Our kids will thank us for all of these early memories later.

Now that I’m home, I’m thankful to be here. But I don’t know that Tennessee will ever really feel like “home”. Besides, Carmel was voted the #1 place to live in the United States. Anyone wonder why I want to move back? Since we’ve been back, we’ve done a lot of running and sleeping. I took the kids to the library, Wal-mart twice, and Yaya’s. I cleaned all but Erik and I’s bedroom; I did three loads of laundry; I did three loads of dishes; I made a wreath. It’s been crazy today, and I don’t know where all this energy came from[other than a long nap that the children and I took today]. I’m incredibly thankful to have gotten all of this done. Thank you, dear babies, for taking a long nap AND going to bed at a decent time.

Anywho, pictures from Indiana:

The kids driving a concept Hot Wheels car!

Erik and Margot discovering dinosaurs!

Margot and I on a ride at the fair!

Margot and snuggling meerkats!

Jude’s first motorcycle ride, JUST KIDDING.

Finally, I’m going to post some pictures of my first attempt at making a wreath. I saw “pool noodle wreaths” on Pinterest, and desperately wanted to try it. Unfortunately, Wal-Mart was out of pool noodles, so I just winged it. I bought raffia, fake flowers, floral wire, fake berries, and a little box of decorative pumpkins and pine cones. Seriously, it came out better than I expected it to. Here’s my first autumn wreath!

I know, it’s not that amazing. But I’m proud of it! It’s hung a little off center, but hey I did it myself! Now I feel like I can make one for Christmas, too!

My next DIY? Crayon letters! It’s another Pinterest inspiration. We just rearranged the living room and made a designated “kids’ corner”, and these would look grade along side my melted crayon piece.

My inspiration

Have a great day, guys! I have missed you! What are your current DIY inspirations?






My Latest Obsessions July 22, 2012

sI figured that since my last post was a little rough around the edges, I should lighten the mood. This is just a fun post about my recent “addictions”. This will be a list of products, shows, and pages I love, love, love. Enjoy!

1. Ebay – Erik and I both love Ebay because we can find everything for dirt cheap. We love getting new cases for our iPhones. These are a few of them…

I had this case for about ten days before I needed a replacement. It’s beautiful but very fragile.

I am currently anticipating the arrival of this case. I seriously hope it’s as amazing as it looks.

2. Pinterest – Just like the majority of ladies I know, I could spend HOURS on Pinterest. I love finding DIY projects that are simple and kid friendly. I’m also completely in love with wedding ideas; I have always loved all things wedding oriented. I pin mostly crafts, delicious looking treats, and wedding dresses or venues. I’m a girly girl. Haha.

3. The Walking Dead – Let me just say that I hate zombie shows, video games, the thought, or anything to do with zombies. They’re gross and horrifying. But let me just say that Erik has really gotten me into this show. We just finished up the season finale on DVR, and I love the story line. I have genuine opinions about characters and the plot. I don’t really like gory shows, but the CG isn’t great in this show. Therefore it’s tolerable. For any of you who watch the show, Daryl and Herschel are my favorite characters. I loathe Lori, Carl, and Andrea. I’ll have to post about my thoughts later. I could go on for awhile.

Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead

This is Herschel Greene. Anyone who knows me should know that I almost always love grandpas. Isn’t he adorable?

4. Scentsy – I found out about Scentsy after deciding that tart warmers were far more efficient than candles. They’re low temperature melting wax makes it safe for my kids if they find a way to climb the counters and stick their finger in it. They are a company of independent sales consultants, and my neighbor happens to be one! Their products are a little bit more expensive than warmers or tarts you would buy in a department store. Personally, I have only bought the bars while using Wal-Mart brand warmers. Their scents are amazing and much more fragrant than any candle or Wal-Mart brand tart that I’ve purchased. This is a link to my consultants page in case you’re interested: https://smellygoodthings.scentsy.us/Scentsy/Home

This is one of my favorite scents, Kahiko Hula. It is very fruity and tart. It makes our house smell amazing!

This is the Scentsy brand warmer called Margot and is totally gorgeous. Of course I want it!

5. Thirty-One – I found out about this through Suzanne, my mother-in-law. For Margot’s second birthday she gave me this ADORABLE personalized Thirty-One tote that I now use as a diaper bag. Since then, I have added their large utility tote to our collection. I have used it for laundry, crafts, and will soon be used for my “early education” endeavors. Suzanne is apparently going to surprise me with another piece that should match what we already have.

This is my personalized Thirty-One tote. Yes, those are my cartoon babies! It reads “Wente Kids”. Adorable!

This isn’t the best picture of the utility tote, but this is the pattern “Lotsa Dots”. It’s the same pattern as on Margot’s dress on the canvas tote I have.

This is a close up of the embroidered “Wente” on the utility tote. It’s actually much easier to read than these pictures show.

6. Books – This is going to be my last “obsession” for the day. These are just a few of my favorite books to read to the kids that we all love. Margot and Jude both love reading stories. I love reading to them. We read anywhere from three to five books every night right before bedtime, and it really helps mellow them out.

This book is more for me to remind the kids that I will always love and support them.

Again, this book is mostly for me to remind them that I cherish their childhood, but I don’t want to stifle their growth by dwelling on memories.

Margot LOVES this book. I always have her point out different things and explain what’s going on in each picture. It’s amazing what she can understand. Also, every Mercer Mayer book has like a mouse and/or a spider hidden on each page.

This is the first book I ever read to Margot. She was a newborn, and she loved every story except the last one, “What was I Scared of?” Now that’s probably her favorite. This book has “The Sneetches”, “The Zax”, “Too Many Daves”, and “What was I Scared of?” Almost anything Dr. Seuss is a hit with her.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Feel free to let me know what you think. I could certainly use some feedback to help gear my future posts!